Outdoor ferns provide graceful, reliable foliage for shaded areas all through the warm months of the year. Its easy to grow and deer resistant. If your plant becomes infested, make sure to treat the plant as quickly as possible to keep it healthy. Fiddleheads (crosiers) of the ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris) are a seasonal delicacy harvested commercially in the northeastern United States and in coastal provinces of Canada. Ferns do not have flowers and reproduce by emitting spores. What remedy would you recommend? Different varieties of ferns can reach different sizes and are hardy in different zones, so read the tag before bringing a fern home. In very warm zones, such as Texas or California, the vendor may recommend planting in January/February; middle zones, around March and April; and northern zones, around April or May. Favorite of fern lovers! Ostrich Fern, with its tall, vase-shaped form, is ideal for wet woodland or shade gardens. It develops quickly enough, tolerates frost well and does not require constant care. Prefers moist humus-rich soil. One of the tallest ferns available, Ostrich Ferns grow from 3-5' tall. Hardiness : Zones 2–10, depending on the species. The only requirement for its growth is sufficient and regular watering. Ostrich Fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris): While ostrich fern can grow 4 to 6 feet tall in the wild, it is generally shorter in gardens. Frost may kill the fern to the ground, but it will rebound in spring. The plant prefers rich, organic soil. 1) Cold/frost injury: It’s usually recommended that you plant bare root astilbes in spring. Ostrich Fern Poisoning -- New York and Western Canada, 1994 . It was in ... Q. Ostrich Fern - Something seems to be eating my ostrich fern. Hay-scented, New York and Virginia chain fern are even more rampant spreaders, and the ostrich fern, which spreads by far-ranging runners, is best planted in an area where it can be controlled. The common ostrich fern is distinguished by its high endurance and unpretentiousness. Height : Depending on species, ferns can range from only 8 inches to 6 feet tall. Very low maintenance plant performs best in partial to full shade. Stunning Ferns for Winter Months. This perennials graceful, light green leaves add texture and movement. Feathery fronds make this a favorite of fern lovers. ... the best thing to do is to divide the ferns, either after the first fall frost or in the early spring when new growth is just showing. Q. Ostrich Fern Planting Instructions - Do I plant these roots now? Not only is it a good idea to grow evergreen trees and perennial plants for year-round interest and color, consider adding ferns to the landscape to create an eye-catching array of feathery fronds.. Q. Ostrich Fern Turn Brown/black - I acquired a lot of ostrich ferns from someone who wanted to get rid of them. Species vary in … This large deciduous fern is vase shaped and will reach greatest height with ample water and rich soil. What to Do With Outdoor Fern Plants in Winter. I live in northern Ontario, Canada. How long do Boston ferns live?
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